Domain I Content/Subject Matter Expertise

Bloom’s Taxonomy Questioning Strategies

March 24, 2004


Artifact Rationale

Artifact Description

  This artifact is a lesson that I taught my first graders on the story Foal in their basal readers. In gray text I have drawn attention to the questions I asked students as we read the story. The questions are followed by the level of Bloom’s Taxonomy they relate to. Certain questions such as “What do you think…” questions lend themselves to many answers and cause children to think about more ideas than just the one they think of. Many of the questions deal with sequence since that is the focus skill for the week. In this lesson, they are applying the knowledge they have already gained about sequence in previous lessons.


                   Artifact Explanation

          So much of how a teacher instructs and assesses is done through questioning. Many times these questions involve only low thinking level questions, such as, “Who came and played with the foal?” Even first graders need to be urged beyond just the fact recall. This lesson demonstrates that I can use the questioning time as a time to enhance my students learning. Those students who can answer the knowledge level questions do so, but they are also introduced to new ideas through the higher level questions that are answered by their peers.


Artifact Statement

By using Bloom’s Taxonomy as I ask questions, I am meeting the individual needs of each child (1.d). Some children are better at knowledge level questions, while others prefer to look at the big picture and analyze information in front of them. Both types of questions are needed to help each child grow and develop into people who can solve problems in the world. These problems will be solved by people who ask analysis, synthesis, and evaluation type questions (1.2, I-1).